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About Dart | Dart Trucking Jobs

About Us

The Dart Network is there to provide you with the same quality service we’ve been providing since 1934. Our wide variety of transportation and logistics solutions allow us to provide customers with tailored strategies to make sure your specific supply chain needs are met and exceeded.

While Dart Transit Company is one of the largest and most innovative truckload van carriers in the nation, we’re small enough to focus on your success. We’ve built an outstanding network of professional drivers, because we believe drivers should be happy and successful. That’s why Dart has one of the lowest turnover rates in the trucking industry.

For over 80 years, Dart has been, and remains, a safe, innovative, family-owned business.  We've designed trailers with more capacity, we've reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and we've invested in safety technology in order to help drivers be safe and successful.  And it’s all thanks to our commitment to integrity and innovation. Find out what Dart can do for you.


1934 wasn’t a good year to start a business in America.

The country was suffering from the worst scourges of the Great Depression. And it would be at least five years until relief was found from economic collapse.

But a man named Earl Oren risked everything to make a difference.

Knowing he couldn’t afford his own truck, Earl invested in a driver, with a single truck and trailer, and Dart moved a load of canned food. His living room in St. Paul, Minnesota, became his office. And when competitors told him he couldn’t build the business he envisioned, he did it anyway.

Dart continued to grow its fleet, and by 1975, this small, regional company was now serving 48 states. Four years later, Earl’s son, Donald, became Dart’s second president. When he accepted his new role, Don had 26 years of service at Dart under his belt. So, when faced with fierce industry deregulations and backlash against Dart’s innovative trailer designs, Donald took the fight to Washington, D. C. and won.

That’s how we do things at Dart. If we can do it bigger, better and safer, Dart will push the boundaries of innovation to do it. In 1984, when the industry standard for trailer size was 48’, Dart was ahead of the game by introducing the highly-efficient 53’ trailer. At the time it was controversial. Today, it’s a trucking industry standard.

And our historic path of integrity and innovation continues today with the Oren family and the entire Dart Network team.

  • top-left

    Dart founder Earl Oren (right), a Dart owner operator and his truck (center) and a young Donald Oren, Dart Chairman of the Board (left), 1934.

  • top-center

    Two of Dart's original Owner Operators, 1934.

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    A Dart Owner Operator and his truck, date unknown.

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    One of Dart's earliest trucks, 1935.

  • bottom-center

    Dart Owner Operator Clarence Haug and his truck, early 1940s.

  • bottom-right

    An innovative Dart Advantage trailer drives through Washington, D. C., 1985.


Stay up-to-date on the latest news from Dart. And visit our blog to find out what’s going on in the industry today, helpful tips, the latest trucking industry trends, and much, much more!

Dart has a long history of innovation and is in its 3rd generation of family ownership. Dart's Eco Fleet has many advantages, including reducing emissions, and improved fuel economy.


At Dart, we understand that innovation doesn’t come easy. That’s why we’ve always been willing to roll up our sleeves and work together as a team to do what’s necessary for the business, drivers, and customers.

And we will continue to lead the trucking industry into the new era of innovation.

In 2010, we introduced our Eco Trailer®, a double-walled aluminum trailer that weighs a thousand pounds less than comparable trailers but has a 10% greater cargo capacity. That means we can better meet customer demands while being a responsible environmental citizen.

Two years later, Dart released its Eco Tractor®, powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), that leaves a significantly lower carbon footprint.

Together, our Eco Tractors® and Eco Trailers® make up our revolutionary Eco Fleet®, the most environmentally responsible fleet on the road.

Our network of companies, including Dart Transit Company, and Dart Express, provide company truck driver opportunities in over-the-road, regional, short haul, and unique relay operations to give truck drivers some of the most home time in the industry.

Other network companies, including Dart Advantage Logistics, Dart Intermodal, Dart Advantage Warehousing and Dart Portable Storage, offer a variety of transportation and logistics solutions to address customer needs to make sure we're the best network out there for customers and drivers.

If you’re ready to work with one of the best companies in America, give us a call. We’ll find the solution that’s right for you. 

“Your career goals are important to us. We are here to help you achieve them.” — Dave Oren, President


Meet the people who lead our Dart family to success.

Donald Oren
Chairman of the Board
David Oren
Dart Express
Daniel Oren
Dart Advantage Warehousing
Brad Oren
Dart Portable Storage, Inc.
James Langley
Brett Wacker
VP of Maintenance
John Basill
Vice President
Doug Grawe
General Counsel
Gary Randall
VP of Operations
Stephanie Williamson
Executive VP of Revenue Management
John Mooney
Executive VP of Sales
Russ Moore
VP of Communications and Marketing
Gary Falldin
VP of Safety, Security, and Driver Onboarding
Bob Goldberg


We appreciate the hard work of all of those who have made Dart what it is today. Because of them, we are proud to be an award-winning company, time and time again.

Flashiest Fleet
Commercial Carrier Journal
Top 100 Motor Carrier
Inbound Logistics
Outstanding Partnership Award
Top 100 Motor Carrier
Inbound Logistics
Top 100 Motor Carrier
Inbound Logistics
Carrier of the Year
General Mills
Quest for Quality

Logistics Management

Truckload Carrier of the Year

Andersen Windows Corporation

Safety & Operational Excellence

Great West Risk Management

Above & Beyond Partner

King Solutions