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Dart Owner Operator True Stories

Dart is the company where owner-operators succeed.  You can too.  With a variety of opportunities, you are sure to find something at Dart that fits your lifestyle.


Dart Owner Operator Hector Melo

Hector Melo, Dart Contractor of the Month

“I always wanted to be independent,” said Dart owner operator Hector Melo.  “My kids told me, ‘you should do what makes you happy,’ and I told them I’m happy and I like this life.  It’s great.  I like my freedom and independence… Read More


Dart Owner Operator Gary Garrand

Gary Garrand, Dart Contractor of the Month

Gary Garrand contracted a truck with Dart 14 years ago.  “The longevity of drivers here truly speaks volumes,” he said.  Before starting his truck driving career, Gary spotted trailers at a warehouse in Evansville, Indiana between 1977 and 1987.  “I had interaction with a lot of over-the-road drivers, and met a lot of satisfied Dart contractors… Read More


Dart Owner Operator Dan Gullickson

Dan Gullickson, Dart Contractor of the Month

“I’ve always been an owner operator,” said Dart Transit Company owner operator Dan Gullickson.  32 years ago, Dan’s father-in-law taught him how to drive a truck.  “I went on a 3 month summer tour with him and loved it,” he said… Read More


Dart Owner Operator Antonio Rivera

Antonio Rivera, Dart Owner Operator

Antonio Rivera operates with a Dart Short Haul contract because it keeps him close to home. Antonio and his wife have two boys. “I’m very tied to my kids. I’d do anything for them...” Read More


Dart Owner Operator Dana Ellefson

Dana Ellefson, Dart Owner Operator

Dana Ellefson I have the best career Home.  It’s one of the reasons Dana Ellefson is happy with his Dart Dedicated contract.  Time with his wife Karen and three kids Joel, Jamie, and Whitney is very important.  With Dedicated, Dana sees his family almost every night… Read More

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