Announcing Dart Safety Elite Status


Announcing Dart Safety Elite Status

Announcing Dart Safety Elite Status

October 1, 2018

Dart Transit Company and Highway Sales, Inc. – an equipment finance vendor to Dart owner operators – are unveiling a new Safety Elite Status for owner operators and company drivers that have at least 375,000 miles with Dart and an outstanding safety record. To make elite status you will have to have no preventable accidents or CSA unsafe basic violations for at least your last 375,000 miles with Dart.

A forerunner to the soon to be announced Dart Diamond Rewards Program, Safety Elite Status will offer owner operators that lease a truck through Highway Sales and meet program qualifications the opportunity to run their trucks ungoverned. Company drivers with Safety Elite Status qualification will see their cruise control speed maximum increase to 68 MPH.

Gary Falldin, Dart Vice President of Safety, Security, and Driver Onboarding, showed enthusiasm when announcing the program. “The Safety Elite Status benefit is a well- deserved reward for those that have shown outstanding safety performance over a significant period of time and we’re excited Highway Sales is teaming up with Dart to make this program possible,” said Falldin.

An individual’s Safety Elite Status classification is contingent on maintaining the safety performance standards by having no preventable accidents or CSA unsafe basic violations. Speed adjustments for Safety Elite Status qualifiers will be made at the driver or owner operator’s next scheduled preventative maintenance (PM) appointment.

Having more freedom when it comes to speed is not a pass to drive unsafely.  Drivers and owner operators in Safety Elite Status will have the same safety and speed expectations of other drivers and owner operators, such as:

  • Not driving above the speed limit – traveling 2-3 miles slower than the flow
  • In poor driving conditions, slowing down below the speed limit to a safe speed for conditions
  • Never using cruise in slippery conditions
  • Maintaining a proper following distance of 6 seconds or greater
  • Avoiding lane changes unless absolutely necessary whenever possible.  That means using “lean and look” to avoid an accident if making a right lane change.

We are trusting the proven good judgment these drivers and owner operators have shown to safe and compliant operation.  If they violate that trust they will forfeit their Safety Elite Status. 

If you have any questions about the new program, please consult your fleet manager.

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