Dart Donates $4,400 to St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund


Dart Donates $4,400 to St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund

Dart Transit Company, a premier leader in transportation solutions, recently teamed up with the St. Christopher TruckerDevelopment and Relief Fund at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dart unveiled their latest event at the show: a “Cash Catch” booth – where participants try to catch $1,000 cash blown around by a fan affixed to the booth. The lucky participants that were chosen at random in a drawing, had 60 seconds to collect as much cash as time would allow. At the end of the round, all of the cash leftover in the booth was donated to St. Christopher’s.

Russ Moore, Vice President of Safety & Fleet Services at Dart Transit Company, expressed his gratitude for the new partnership and the opportunity to showcase all of the work that St. Christopher’s does for the hardworking individuals in the trucking industry. “We wanted the cash that wasn’t caught in our Cash Catch booth to go to truck drivers. Dart chose to donate the remaining money to the St. Christopher’s Trucker Relief Fund – to help drivers in need due to medical issues. Partnering with the St. Christopher’s Trucker Relief Fund has been the perfect match because it’s another way Dart can help the industry and its professional drivers.”

 After six participants tested their luck within the booth, a grand total of $4,400 was presented to St. Christopher’s on the last day of MATS.

The donation and new partnership excited individuals from both Dart and St. Christopher’s. Shannon Currier, Director of Philanthropy & Development at St. Christopher’s, expressed her excitement of all that happened at MATS. “The Dart team is so much fun to work with and the cash grab was such a creative idea to engage drivers and show your commitment to making them successful.  Dart is driver focused just like the St. Christopher Trucker Relief Fund, so this relationship makes perfect sense.  We are excited about our partnership and look forward to working together to support drivers,” said Currier.

The St. Christopher Trucker Development and Relief Fund is a 501(c)(3), truck driver charity that helps semi-truck drivers whose medical problems occurring within the last two years have led to financial hardship. St. Christopher’s is also working to provide programs that will benefit professional drivers and the trucking industry. Dart looks forward to future opportunities to continue helping such a worthwhile cause.

The Dart Network Podcast spoke with Dart Recruiting Manager Adam Williams to get the story behind how the contribution to the St. Christopher’s Fund came together. The Podcast also spent time with Shannon Currier, the Director of Philanthropy and Development at the St. Christopher’s Fund, to discuss the important work of the organization and her thoughts on the donation by Dart. To hear this segment of the Dart Network Podcast, please click on the following link: https://soundcloud.com/user-511060481/dart-makes-donation-to-st-christophers-relief-fund

Dart and St. Christopher's Truckers Fund worked together to get a $4,400 donation for SCF to Help Assist Drivers

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