Driver Referral Program Revamped For 2018: Now Make More Money When You Refer!


Driver Referral Program Revamped For 2018: Now Make More Money When You Refer!

Dart's New Referral Program Will Be Paying You Even More!


We just revamped our truck driver and owner operator referral bonus program for 2018! 


How many times have you seen drivers complaining at truck stops or on social media? Just think, every one of those drivers is an opportunity for you to earn up to $2,000.

That’s one of the best payouts in the industry!

NEW in 2018!  Effective immediately, when you refer another driver or owner operator to Dart, you will receive mileage pay for miles that your referred driver drives for up to 3 years!  Visit E-Driver or contact your fleet manager for more info.

Refer an Owner Operator & Earn Up To A $2,000 Bonus!

How the Referral Program Works:

If you’re currently an owner operator working with Dart, or you’re a Dart or Dart Express company driver, you’ll earn a bonus for every driver you refer. And that extra money adds up fast!  Refer someone now.

Refer an Owner Operator and you’ll get $1,000 after he or she completes their first load. If you and your referral are still active drivers with the Dart Network after 90 days, you’re eligible for $1,000 more. That’s a total of $2,000 per referral!

Refer a Company Driver to Dart and you’re eligible to earn $1,000 per referral. If you refer a company driver to Dart Express, you’re eligible for a $500 referral bonus.

Plus, you can now earn mileage pay for each mile your referred Dart driver or owner operator drives. That means EVEN MORE money in your pocket!

Refer a Driver Today!

For more information, check out the Driver Referrals Page on on our website.

Need some tips for referring drivers? Check out our referral tip sheet here on our website!