Get To Know: John Waters, Dart Transit Company’s Owner Operator of the Month


Get To Know: John Waters, Dart Transit Company’s Owner Operator of the Month

Dart is proud of the many professional, caring, safe, and detail-oriented individuals who work for and contract with our Network. One of those owner operators is John Waters, who has operated under contract with Dart since 2016.

Everything Waters does, and every conversation he has, is full of his natural optimism and his committed professionalism – from start to finish. It’s no surprise that John was recently nominated for and awarded the title of Dart’s Owner Operator of the Month for August 2017.

John has been in the trucking industry for over 10 years. John contracted with Dart in 2015, left for a time to pursue other opportunities, and then returned in December 2016, because he says he was “wanting to come back home” to Dart. There’s a myriad of reasons John loves being contracted with Dart, but some of the main reasons are the industry-leading pay, award-winning lease purchase program through Highway Sales, and the availability of a renowned fuel savings program for owner operators.

While all of those things make Dart attractive, he says at the end of the day it all comes down to communication. “The communication here is excellent. Whether it is during the middle of the day on a Tuesday or at 3 o’clock in the morning on Saturday, I can almost always get ahold of someone and get my questions answered,” explained John.

Originally from California, John now resides in Orlando, Florida, with his wife, Lorna, who accompanies John across the country in the truck. Lorna fell in love with seeing the open road and new scenery. “It’s always an adventure. I love seeing the beautiful new places. Wisconsin and Minnesota are some of my favorite places to drive through,” said Lorna.

Also in the truck is a recent addition to the team: John and Lorna’s adorable new rescue dog, Scrappy. The Waters are glad for his company, saying, “He is such a sweet dog and is so calm, we love having him in the truck. He puts a smile on so many faces.”

In their spare time, John and Lorna enjoy spending time with family, cooking in and out of the truck, and exploring new places in their travels.

When asked what the award means to John, he humbly responded that he was “just doing his job.” He said that success in the trucking industry comes with adapting and being respectful. His best advice? “Be a nice person – it will take you far.”

Thank you, John, for your outstanding service and dedication to Dart!

John Waters pictured with his wife Lorna and their dog Scrappy | Dart Trucking Jobs