How does the DartDataTracker really work?


How does the DartDataTracker really work?

On July 1st, 2018 Dart officially switched the fleet over to the DartDataTracker app for all settlement and on-the-road resources. With an advancement this large, it was crucial to communicate well to make the change as smooth as possible. Recently, Dart called several drivers and owner operators to see how the app was working, what features they liked, and how they use the DartDataTracker.

Dart owner operator Pat Wortham reports, “It does everything you could do through the e-driver website. The scanning feature has been great because it is easier to get paid. It is great to have a mobile app where everything is at your fingertips. The app is a change so people sometimes push back. However, as far as I’m concerned, the app is free so I can have more money in my pocket – and I have no problems with that!” Pat utilizes the scanning feature to send various documents to our Settlements Department. Pat also explained that other features are handy, saying, “The report feature is really helpful because I can track what Dart has received from me. Also, back when I used e-driver, I had to login to each time I needed to see something. With the new app, you stay logged in so it’s faster.” Pat seems to be using the app every day and appreciating its fast and easy functionality.

Ross Scheid likes the app’s organization, as he says, “I was using U-Follow-It before this and the DartDataTracker is pretty similar.” Dart understands that sometimes changing technology can be difficult or intimidating. So the creators of Dart’s app tried to model the features so it mirrors some functions of U-Follow-It. Although it is different, in some respects than U-Follow-It, we worked hard to create an app that drivers could use without training. Ross did admit that it took a little time to get used to the app, but by using the Dart resources he was able to overcome those issues and fully take advantage of the DartDataTracker. 

Jerome Green, Dart owner operator since 2017, summed up the apps features saying, “I use it to do my loads and I keep it moving” This is the perfect way to describe the app. A top goal of the app was to help drivers do what they do best. If the DartDataTracker can make it easier for Jerome to “keep it moving,” we are excited to see how the DartDataTracker can positively impact the fleet.

We understand that the life of a truck driver is fast-paced; we wanted to do our part to make work life a little less hectic. Dart’s IT department is delighted that the app is effective. The purpose of the app was to help drivers while out on the road by increasing efficiency and communication. Although the scanning feature is extremely important, many other features utilized daily by company drivers and owner operators –like the reports, messaging, and fuel listings features– are further strengthening the Dart Advantage.