How to Get Started with Vertical Alliance


How to Get Started with Vertical Alliance

Dart Transit Company utilizes Vertical Alliance’s online video learning program to communicate tips and important information in an effort to help workers, drivers and independent owner operators reduce incidents and accidents, to create a safer environment for everyone.

Vertical Alliance’s content provides guidelines, reminders, and tips on a wide variety of important topics. Whether you are a company driver and part of a team of employees, or you are independent owner operator, captain of your own ship, we want everyone to do the right thing, the safe thing, and the legal thing – no matter the situation.  We share these lessons and information with you to remind, refresh, and refine your skills out on the road, at the shop, on the docks, and in the office.  We want you to get home safe to your family and friends, and we hope this information can help. 

Please follow the steps below to begin today!


Here’s How to Get Started:

Step 1: Go to the Learning Center Website

Enter  in your website browser. Once the website loads, use point and left click on the “Learning Center” link.

Step 2: Enter the Training Center

Type in your username and password, then click on “Sign In”.

Driver #: 12345

Username:  Driver # (i.e. 12345)

Password: Driver #

Step 3: Select Topic in the Classroom Section

Choose a topic and open by clicking on the + symbols on the left hand side. 


Step 4: Start the Video

Clicking on the  symbol will start the video. The video will play automatically until completion.

Step 5: Answer the Questions

Questions will appear automatically following the video.

Answer all questions to complete the lesson.  Once you have passed the lesson it will be removed from your classroom.

For additional information or questions contact 877-792-3866 ext. 300

Monday – Friday 8-5 Central

Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are the suggested Browsers

We are not compatible with Mozilla Firefox