Introducing the DartDataTracker


Introducing the DartDataTracker

Dart is excited to announce its new app-based tech tool known as the DartDataTracker. The DartDataTracker is a versatile all-in-one tool featuring a document scanner, a fleet manager communication tool, up-to-the-minute fuel price listings, and links to Dart news and important information.

DartDataTracker, compatible with Android and Apple products, will be useful for all owner operators and company drivers. Dart is constantly looking for ways to help drivers and owner operators increase efficiency, and we’re sure this advancement in technology will be a huge asset to the company’s operation.

Russ Moore, Vice President of Marketing and Communication, says, “The DartDataTracker app was created to make the lives of Dart owner operators and drivers easier while on the road. This app will enhance access to information, make communication simpler and more efficient and provide free document scanning. That is only the beginning. Look for more functionality to be added in the coming months.”

The DartDataTracker app is now available for free in the App Store and on Google Play.  We look forward to hearing how this app benefits owner operators and company drivers, so download the app and let us know!