Jason Shoumaker, April Contractor of the Month


Jason Shoumaker, April Contractor of the Month

April Contractor of the Month

Congrats to Jason Shoumaker, our April Contractor of the Month

For Jason, he never expected that he would become a truck driver. It wasn’t until he saw the opportunities that trucking could provide him that he decided to give it a shot. Now, six and a half years later, he is still going strong in the industry.

In his free time, Jason loves to make it home to his family down in Jacksonville, Florida as much as possible. Family time is something that Jason cherishes deeply and loves seeing his wife and three daughters as much as possible. For fun they all enjoy driving to the beach and spending an afternoon in the nice cool waters of the ocean.

When asked about how he feels about working for Dart Jason asserted, “I’ve never had a problem here before, the great management and operations make things easy”. He attributes his recent success to the superb relationship between his fleet manager and himself. Their strong and trustworthy relationship has provided a path for him to excel behind the wheel.

Overall, Jason is happy with the work he does for Dart and believes that anybody can make it as a truck driver. Jason is confident that with a good amount of practice and a strong common knowledge of driving, anyone can be successful.

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