Life with 2 Fur Babies: Dart Owner Operator Catheryn's Life with 2 Dogs in the Truck


Life with 2 Fur Babies: Dart Owner Operator Catheryn's Life with 2 Dogs in the Truck

It was a beautiful day at Thresher Field Dog Park in Eagan, Minnesota, where Dart owner operator Catheryn and her two dogs, Jazzy and Harley, enjoyed a sunny April day. Jazzy and Harley chased each other around the park and played fetch with Catheryn, who was excited to be out in the fresh air with her two road companions.

Catheryn, born in California and relocated to Arkansas, has a deep love for the open road. She, Jazzy, and Harley go over-the-road in her 2016 Kenworth T680 seeing all of the beautiful sites the nation has to offer. Catheryn has contracted her truck with Dart since 2014 after being with other companies who left her wanting more out of a company. “After doing some research and looking into Dart, I felt like it would be a good fit. It was a huge plus they also had a pet policy so I could have dogs with me in the truck,” said Catheryn.

Jazzy and Harley Sure Know how to Ride Like a Boss in Dart Owner Operator Catheryn's Truck | Dart Trucking Jobs

Jazzy and Harley, both toy poodles, undoubtedly love life on the road. With “mom” leading the way wherever they go, they enjoy experiencing life in the truck and seeing new spots every single day. “One would think it might get confined in the truck with myself and two dogs, but it really works out well. They have their favorite spots to lounge around and I have mine. But most of all, it’s their love and attention that I like best. After a long day of driving, it’s their TLC that makes a long day a lot better,” said Catheryn while smiling at Jazzy and Harley chasing after a tennis ball at the dog park.

Another benefit of having a canine companion is the added security. “Jazzy and Harley, although they are not the biggest of dogs, can sense just about anything. Anything out of the ordinary they will pick up on and bark at. They have a very good sense of when something doesn’t seem right. It helps me feel safer being out here independently as a driver,” Catheryn explained.

While both of the dogs are toy poodles, the personalities are all their own says Catheryn. “Jazzy is my wild child. She does everything with energy and passion. Harley is more laidback and is very wise. I love them both so much. Their personalities complement each other in many different ways.”

Here at Dart, we know your best friends, your fur babies, your children – whatever you think of your pet as – is an important part of your life. That’s why you have the ability to take your pet with you in the truck. If you would like to know about our pet policy or more about Dart in general, please reach out to us at 1-888-870-1230.

As for Catheryn, she can’t imagine life on the road without Jazzy and Harley. Every road is a new adventure for all three of them and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Catheryn and her dogs are the bosses in their truck. Catheryn DRIVES LIKE A BOSS as an owner operator with Dart. | Dart Trucking Jobs