Meet the Hudson Family


Meet the Hudson Family

The Dart Network of companies is proud to be a home for many individuals who have different backgrounds, perspectives, and mindsets. With more than 2000 commercial drivers operating for Dart Network carriers, you’re almost guaranteed to meet someone with similar interests. On the other hand, the breadth of the Dart Network provides drivers and owner operators the chance to meet people with different stories and, consequently, opportunities for growth and understanding.

Bernard Hudson has been an owner operator with Dart Transit Company since 2013. He has worked hard to make his small business successful, striving to operational and professional excellence. Mr. Hudson, like many of the commercial drivers operating with Dart Network carriers, has a unique story that motivates him to do his job well.

One of Mr. Hudson’s main motivators is his son, Brian. Brian has autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects his ability to communicate and interact with the people around him. According to the Autism Society, “More than 3.5 million Americans live with an autism spectrum disorder.” Like most children, Brian goes to school to learn new things and become the best version of himself. He attends Hughen Adult Day Center, where Bernard and his wife, Adrianna, assist with field trips and activities when Bernard is not on the road. Recently, Brian’s school went to an amusement park for a day of fun and relaxation. Bernard and his wife happily chaperoned to spend time with their son and meet his fellow classmates. While volunteering, they found that although Brian and his classmates have difficulties they truly aren’t different from any other person who has roadblocks in life. In reality, all people deal with obstacles, but the Hudson family and the Hughen Center do what they can to ensure that Brian doesn’t feel held back by his. Brian’s classmates may find some everyday activities hard, but each day holds joy as well.

Dart has long valued Bernard Hudson’s hard work behind the wheel; understanding why he works so hard helps Dart appreciate the bigger picture. Bernard shared that although Brian can’t ride along for a truck trip, he loves to be in his dad’s tractor when Bernard is home. Dart, a family owned company, understands the significance of family and appreciated getting to know Bernard’s family. We couldn’t be more grateful to work with people like the Hudsons.

Above: Brian Hudson  

Below: Hudson Parents--Adrianna & Bernard