New Online Education Tool Offers Way to Earn Extra Cash!


New Online Education Tool Offers Way to Earn Extra Cash!

DART DRIVERS—want the chance to win $250? It’s easy! We are excited to offer a new online education tool featuring safety videos. If you watch a select series of videos, you’ll be entered to win one of four $250 VISA gift cards! If you watch all quarterly videos over the course of an entire year, you’ll be entered to win an annual $2,000 VISA gift card! Learn more about Vertical Alliance on E-Driver and watch your PeopleNet for more details.

Vertical Alliance is a web-based video platform with a variety of short videos designed to guide and coach drivers, contractors, dispatchers, safety personnel, and technicians on tips for being safe each and every day. Every one of us wants to end each day safe and sound. It is important we all do what we can to prevent injuries, and that includes taking advantage of web-based safety tutorials.

Beginning in June, all Dart Transit Company drivers and contractors will have the opportunity to voluntarily take part in structured, quarterly online video coaching through Vertical Alliance, with an exciting incentive for completion!

The first week of June, a select series of online videos from Vertical Alliance’s Learning Library will be made available to Dart drivers and contractors. Participating individuals have a quarter (three months) to watch the videos on any internet-capable device or on a work station at select operating centers. Following each video is a brief series of question to confirm understanding.


Drivers and contractors that complete ALL of the selected videos and associated exams in a given three-month period will receive a “Certificate of Completion,” confirming our appreciation and his or her eligibility for prizes. Each eligible driver and contractor will have a chance to win one of eight $250 VISA gift cards. Drawings for the $250 cards will occur every three months.



Drivers and contractors that complete ALL the selected videos in each quarter of the year will receive an Education Pin. Every recipient of an Education Pin in a calendar year will be eligible for a chance to win a $2,000 VISA gift card at the end of that year. There will be only one drawing per year for a $2,000 card; the first drawing will occur in early December 2017.


The Safety Department’s goal for this voluntary program is increased engagement with drivers and contractors, offering accessible and useful education on topics of interest in the practice of professional commercial driving. We hope that our drivers and contractors will choose to participate and will ultimately benefit from the information they learn. 

We are ALL winners when drivers, contractors & the motoring public get home safe!


For information on how to use the Vertical Alliance Program visit: