Saying Happy Retirement to Edie Davidson, Dart's Apparel Expert


Saying Happy Retirement to Edie Davidson, Dart's Apparel Expert

October 26, 2016, marked Edie’s twenty-first anniversary with Dart as well as her last day of employment before she retired. It’s hard to believe that it was 1995 when Edie first walked in the door on her first day. “I originally only planned to stay for a  few years – never this many years,” said Edie at her retirement party. Many of Edie’s co-workers and personal friends gathered one last time to share happy memories together before sending her off.

Donald G. Oren, Dart’s Chairman of the Board of the Dart Network, spoke about Edie’s service and dedication to Dart. “Image is very big in this business. We want nice, clean people to represent us and that has always been a mission of having an apparel store here at Dart. Edie always had a can-do, encouraging attitude and was happy to help drivers find the right pieces,” said Donald.

Adam Williams and Paul Mages, Edie’s past and present supervisors respectfully, mentioned that Edie did a lot more than simply selling clothes. “Edie was always there as an ear to listen to others. I believe she was an honorary figure of Dart’s Retention Department, always willing to listen to drivers and help them get through a tough day,” said Paul Mages.

Edie’s commitment to the Dart Network the past 21 years has undoubtedly been strong. After being asked what the past 21 years has been like, Edie explained that she has learned so much over the years. “I was told from day one that you’re selling a professional image and I’ve always remembered that. It’s been a wonderful learning experience and I am glad I got the chance at it.”

Thank you for everything, Edie! Happy Retirement! Enjoy the new adventure!

Edie Davidson of Dart's Pro Shop Apparel Store with Dart Chairman of the Board, Donald G. Oren

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