Steve Arrowsmith, Driver of the Month


Steve Arrowsmith, Driver of the Month

Twenty-three years is an enormous amount of time. For some people,  that covers their entire lifetime; for others, it  was long ago. How have you spent the last 23 years?

Twenty-three years ago, in March of 1993, Steve Arrowsmith took a chance and gave Dartco a call. It was a chance he wanted to take after hearing from many truck drivers that it was a good company to drive for. Fast forward to 2016 and Steve is still going strong. Steve was recently named Driver of the Month – which he was very excited to hear about. “It’s an honor,” said Steve. “I am just doing my job and I was awarded with this. I am thrilled about it.”

After being asked why he has stayed at Dartco for so many years, Steve said it is a combination of the people and how he stays busy. “I’ve gotten to know a lot of great people and I’m very comfortable with where I am at. I’ve also gotten to know a lot of customers as well. Dartco keeps me busy. I really appreciate that, too.”

Outside of the truck, the native Pennsylvanian now living in Colorado, loves to watch NASCAR and the Denver Broncos when he gets the chance. Steve is married, has three kids and a bundle of grandkids who keep him busy when he is home.

We thank Steve for his service and his dedication to Dartco. Congratulations, Steve!

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