The 2019 Dart Calendar Photo Contest has Begun!


The 2019 Dart Calendar Photo Contest has Begun!

Dart 2019 Calendar Photo Contest


Send in your photos to


The photos we received for the 2018 calendar were trucking works of art. We love seeing our drivers’ photos and the picturesque places around the world their career is bringing them to. Your truck is your pride and joy and what drives you and your career, literally. So, it’s time to show off your big rig by capturing the perfect photograph.


Please remember to be safe and cautious when taking your photos. Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t stop on busy roads to snap any pictures. The last thing we want is for our drivers to put themselves in a dangerous situation in the name of a fun photo contest. Also, be creative! You love your truck so put your photography skills to the test and snap the best picture you can! Consider your background, lighting and framing in order to help you get that A+ picture.


We look forward to seeing your photos! Good luck and be safe out there.