Tips for Female Truck Drivers, From Women Drivers


Tips for Female Truck Drivers, From Women Drivers

We asked women drivers on Facebook, "what do you need to know as a female truck driver?"  Here is a summary of the dos and don'ts for women in trucking.  See their full comments in the link below.


Don't play the "I'm a woman" card.

Don't ask for special treatment.

Don't feel the need to prove yourself.

Don't smile too much, just enough.

Don't stop for anyone or anything when you are a truck stop.  Keep moving.

Don't spend too much time in unlit areas late at night.  Only walk in well-lit areas.

Don't walk between trucks in a parking lot (where not as many people can see you).

Don't tell anyone you are by yourself in the truck.

Don't reveal which truck is yours when talking on the CB.

Don't share too much about yourself or your location when talking with others.

Don't be quick to trust anyone.

Don't listen to negative people who get you down. Know that you can do your job, and surround yourself with positive people.

Don't let the tough stuff get under your skin.  Let it bounce off of you.

Don't be afraid to ask someone to help you back into a space you are unsure of.

Don't be afraid or ashamed to ask for help with anything.


Do ask questions.  

Do the best you can.

Do have a "call list" of people you know and trust on the road.

Do remember this is the real world and not a game - your decision will affect others.

Do identify "safe" trucks stops and stay at them.

Do avoid being seen at truck stops late at night.

Do pay attention to your surroundings, constantly look around.

Do keep your curtain and doors closed.  If someone knocks, do not answer it.  

Do ratchet strap your doors together in unsafe areas when you are in the truck.

Do bring a dog with you if you can, for protection and companionship.

Do learn from men!  Seriously!  And educate yourself until you know everything that men know.

Do pay attention to your posture and how you walk - hold your head high, stand straight up, and walk quickly and with others if you can.

Do lift weights to increase your strength in order to do things yourself.

Do become self-sufficient.

Do use your best judgement.

Do look out for each other.

Do work hard to prove you are capable.

Do always be aware of your surroundings.

Do call ahead to shippers and receivers to see if they have a safe place for you to park.

Do realize that there are some men who are mean to both men and women.

Do enjoy down time with family.

Do remember that your family is making sacrifices WITH you.

Do be confident.

Do purchase a portable potty for your truck so you don't have to go inside a truck stop late at night to use the restroom.

Do double lock your doors by using the seatbelt, stretching it out as far as you can, loop it through the handle and then latch it.

Do park as close as you can to the door of a facility where you are stopped.

Do have a good sense of humor.

Do have a response prepared for male truck drivers who challenge you.

Do always have an emergency of back up plan in case you are stuck in a tough places.

Do carry extra fuel filters, chains, fuses, paper towels, oil, antifreeze, gloves, a rain coat, and shoes with you.

Do watch out for others on the road.

Do stay calm.

Do double-check everything.

Read the full ist of comments from women drivers on Facebook.