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Steve Arrowsmith, Driver of the Month

Twenty-three years: it is an enormous amount of time. For some it is an entire lifetime; for others, it is just a snapshot of yesterday. How have you spent the last 23 years? Back in March of 1993, Steve Arrowsmith took a chance and gave Dart a call. It was a chance he wanted to take after hearing from many drivers that it was a good company to drive for. Fast forward to 2016 and Steve is still going strong. Steve was recently named Driver of the Month by Dartco, Inc. – which he was very excited to hear about. “It’s an honor,” said Steve. “I am just doing my job and I was awarded with this. I am thrilled about it.

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Meals on the Go: How a Passion for Cooking Led to a Dartco Driver Becoming a Published Author

When you're on the road, there is no knowing when your next meal might be. You can pass truck stop after truck stop and something you have to deliver and wait over the dinner hour. Sometimes your breakfast time is the morning is when you're already on the road to the first stop for the day. It's hard to have a set schedule for eating when you're a truck driver.

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Eric Rickard, Driver of the Month

Congratulations to Eric Rickard, the Dart Network’s Driver of the Month! When Eric got out of the army in 1990 and back into civilian life, he wanted a job out of the ordinary. A job that wasn’t the same old thing every day, not a job where he would be stuck behind a desk. That’s when he looked into the trucking industry and the rest is history.

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James Dodson, Driver of the Month

Every month here at Dartco, one driver is selected to be named Driver of the Month. James Dodson, a driver with Dartco, has been named Driver of the Month. Currently on a dedicated run, James came to Dartco after seeing an ad on the Internet and the rest has been history. James has been with the Dartco for three years now. He came into the industry after feeling like he needed a change. “My dad was a truck driver, so I thought I would go ahead and give it a shot,” James explained.

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Ali Ahmadi, Driver of the Month

It is time once again to announce the Driver of the Month. Ali Ahmadi, a company driver with Dartco, has been awarded. Ali, who has been with Dartco for just over a year now, obtained his CDL at Napier Driving School in Illinois. After obtaining his CDL, he enrolled in Advantage Driver University, the Dart Network’s driver finishing program. After a few weeks of training, Ali was out on the road without a trainer, as an employee driver for Dartco, Inc.

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Dartco Driver Shawna Named Finalist in Trucking's Top Rookie Contest

The Dart Network is happy to announce Dartco driver Shawna Froehlich is a finalist in the Trucking’s Top Rookie contest!

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Meet Dartco Driver Shawna, Trucking's Top Rookie Nominee (VIDEO)

Trucking's Top Rookie is an annual contest to increase pride and professionalism among new drivers and promote truck driving as a career of choice. Judges narrow the candidates down to the top 10 finalists, and the winner receives $10,000 and a variety of products and services from the contest's sponsors. Last year, Dartco driver Fred Weatherspoon won first place!

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Collin Resch, Dartco Driver of the Month

Sometimes you just need a change to mix life up a little bit. That is what Collin Resch needed when he got into the truck driving industry a little over one year ago. Collin is certainly nothing short of a successful driver so far, recently being named Dartco’s Driver of the Month for May 2016.

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Congratulations to the Dart Network’s 2015 Driver, Owner Operator, and Trainer of the Year

The Dart Network is excited to announce the winners of the 2015 Driver, Owner Operator, and Trainer of the Year awards.

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Candy Lewis, Driver of the Month

Candy Lewis represents a very small portion of truck drivers out on the road: women behind the wheel. Candy became a truck driver back in 1998 and drove for three years before having her first child. After a 13-year hiatus, she got back on the open road. She has been working for Dartco, Inc. for two years and is loving her time in the Dedicated operation.

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Keith Baker, Driver of the Month

Dartco is excited once again to announce its Driver of the Month. As a veteran with 20 years of industry experience, Keith Baker is now a part of Dartco’s short-haul division. Prior to driving for Dartco, Keith was an owner operator. After deciding he wanted to be home a little bit more, he found Dart on Craigslist, saw their great home time opportunities, made the call, and the rest is history.

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