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Dart Vice President of Safety Randy Luckow Participates in "Fittest Executive Challenge" at TCA Convention

Ten trucking executives competed for the title of Fittest Executive last week at the TCA Convention in Nashville, TN. The TCA Fittest Executive Challenge Inaugural Event was hosted by TCA Wellness, powered by Rolling Strong. The event represented more than a fitness challenge by bringing awareness to driver health initiatives and the importance of investing in driver health to save skilled drivers and improve retention.

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Announcing The First Annual: TCA Wellness Fittest Executive Challenge

TCA Wellness, powered by Rolling Strong has recruited ten TCA Executives, each from a different TCA member fleet, to compete in the first annual Fittest Executive Challenge. The event will be at TCA’s 2017 Annual Convention, Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, TN , March 26-29.

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6 Trucker Exercise Tips for When the Heat is On, By CJ Moore from Healthy Trucker

With the summer season upon us, the heat is definitely on. With some scorching months ahead, I thought I would share six trucker exercise tips and touch on the importance of taking precautions when working out in the heat. This was mostly brought on by my attempt to go for a run at our terminal in Kingman, Arizona, in 98 degree temperatures, accompanied by a hot “blow dryer” like wind. The result? Dehydration, nausea and lightheadedness. I wasn’t quite acclimated to the summer heat yet.

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