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4 Stretches to Reduce Truck Driver Neck Pain, From

Truck driver neck pain is….well, a PAIN! Driving for hours on end can be brutal on a truck driver’s back, shoulders and especially neck. As we all know, there’s nothing worse than a pain in the neck that just won’t go away. When it comes to truck driver neck pain, the best solution is some simple stretching. When truck drivers have tight muscles it begins to restrict how far joints are able to be moved.

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6 Trucker Exercise Tips for When the Heat is On, By CJ Moore from Healthy Trucker

With the summer season upon us, the heat is definitely on. With some scorching months ahead, I thought I would share six trucker exercise tips and touch on the importance of taking precautions when working out in the heat. This was mostly brought on by my attempt to go for a run at our terminal in Kingman, Arizona, in 98 degree temperatures, accompanied by a hot “blow dryer” like wind. The result? Dehydration, nausea and lightheadedness. I wasn’t quite acclimated to the summer heat yet.

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