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Safety is a top Priority

A Culture Founded on Safety.

Truck Driver Safety is rewarded with Safe Driving Rewards

In 1934, Earl Oren founded Dart on a belief that that treating people the right way is the only way. And that’s why safety is at the heart of our corporate culture, because nothing shows you how much we care more than our commitment to keeping you safe. We not only invest millions of dollars in advanced equipment, we invest our time and energy to keep every one of us focused on what matters most, every day.

Education and Ethics

At Dart, we encourage truck drivers and owner operators to practice ethical, proactive driving. We put an emphasis on professional ethics, asking you to think of not only of yourself, but also everyone on the road around you. In addition, we’re eager to hear your feedback on best practices, because you know what’s going on out on the road, and you know what is safe. Our mission is to empower you to do the right thing, to do the safe thing, every time you’re behind the wheel.

Drive Safely and Earn Rewards!

Truck Driver Safety Rewards and Trucking Safety are our Top Priority

As a sign of our commitment to safety, we’ve even created a rewards program that honors our safest truck drivers and owner operators. The rewards range from a decal for your truck after each safe year to a medallion after three safe years to a custom jacket after five years. And the rewards go up from there, including watches, a gold ring, a custom leather jacket and a custom Howard Miller Worthington mantle clock.

Most importantly, you’ll enjoy the most valuable rewards of all: protecting yourself, your family, the public, and your career.