Dart Trucking Jobs | Owner Operator vs. Fleet Driver

Owner Operator Vs. Fleet Driver

Which Do You Prefer? Owner Operator or Fleet Driver

Enjoy the freedom of being an independent owner operator. Or choose from our fleet driver options.

 Independent Owner Operator  Employee Fleet Driver
  • Freedom to accept and reject loads
  • Higher rate per mile covers business expenses
  • Purchase your own health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits
  • Drive your own truck
  • Your equipment, your decisions, your costs
  • Opportunity for profit
  • Purchase Occupational Accident Insurance or Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Set your own schedule
  • Many business opportunities – Dart freight, trip lease, expand into a multiple truck fleet, grow your business.
  • Dispatcher picks your freight
  • Driver wage - rate per mile
  • Employee benefits such as 401(k), health insurance, vacation time
  • Drive a newer-model, company-owned truck
  • Company equipment, company decisions, company costs
  • Defined mileage rate
  • Company pays Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Follow your employer’s schedule
  • Haul company freight

What's the difference between owner operators and fleet drivers? 

Benefits of becoming an owner operator

There are many benefits beyond the opportunity to make more money. Compared to employee drivers, owner operators have more control over their work schedules. They can take time off when they wish. And since they purchase their own tractors, they can decide which trucks to drive, and equip them and maintain them as they prefer.

Some owner operators start their driving career as an employee fleet driver to develop their driving skills. Once they’ve gained that experience, many drivers look for ways to advance their careers. Becoming an independent owner operator is a great way to do it.

Over its long history as an owner operator company, Dart has developed an exceptional support program for owner operators. Employee drivers can make the switch with Dart through the industry’s best lease purchase program at Highway Sales, Inc.