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Owner Operator Pay Comes in Many Forms

Owner operator pay & owner operator income – your choice

Owner operators generate income at Dart in a variety of ways.


Flat rate mileage-based owner operator pay *

Mileage-based contracts pay a flat rate for both loaded and empty miles plus Dart’s fuel adjustment on both loaded and paid deadhead miles.


Graduated mileage scale *

The mileage rate changes with the length of haul, with short loads paying the most.  Available only in Dart’s Northern Region and several Short Haul contract options.


Percentage-based pay *

Percentage-based contracts pay a percentage of load revenue, plus 70% of accessorials such as extra stop and detention.  The contractor receives 100% of the fuel adjustment paid by shippers.


Fuel cost adjustments *

Dart’s “No Worries” fuel cost adjustments are paid in addition to the mileage rate in your pay addendum.

* Terms and conditions apply.  See your contract for more information.

Resources to help you increase your profit

As an owner operator, the more efficiently you manage your business income and expenses, the more net income you can make.  Dart has many resources to help support owner operators with managing businesses more profitably.

In addition to your mileage revenue and fuel adjustment, you’ll also gain many other advantages with a Dart contract.

Keys to Profitability and Success.  Free business seminar loaded with tips and techniques to manage your trucking business for maximum profit.

Immediate settlements.  No more waiting for weekly settlements.  Dart gives you the flexibility to settle after any load.  Wednesday, Friday, or any day.  It's entirely up to you!

Fuel discounts.  Last year Dart contractors earned over $7,000,000 in extra profit -- just by purchasing fuel within the Advantage® Fuel Network.  Over 1,100 participating truck stops -- Pilot, Flying J, TA, Petro, Love's, Ambest, plus smaller chains and independent stops -- make it easy for you to save big money on your fuel.

Online fuel price information.  Plan ahead and pay the lowest possible price on every gallon of fuel, no matter where you are.  Log in to Dart's website, and click on "E-Driver" to find current fuel prices and fuel discounts in Dart's Advantage® Fuel Network, anywhere from coast to coast.

Fuel tax program.  Stop buying fuel in high-priced states and start buying fuel where it's cheapest.  You pocket the savings!  Dart can handle all the fuel tax reports for you.

Low-cost trucks.  Save a bundle on your next new or used truck at Highway Sales.  Financing is available through participating finance vendors to get you the best possible deal.

Paid base-plate and permits package.  No-cost plates and permits with most contract options.  Check with your recruiter for details.

Most tolls and scale slips are reimbursed.

Detention and layover pay.

Direct deposit if you prefer.

In-cab and mobile app scanning for bills of lading make settlements super fast and convenient.

Bonuses for signing on ($1,500-$5,000), for driver referrals ($500-$2,000), and for perfect DOT inspections.

Tire and truck repair discounts at Dart Safety Lane.

Trucking Insurance available from participating insurance companies --  Life and Disability, Tractor, Deadhead insurance, and more.

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