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Dart is one of the top US Trucking Companies

Teamwork and Loyalty Drive Dart’s Success

Since 1934, we’ve built an outstanding network of professional drivers, because we believe drivers should be happy and successful. That’s why Dart drivers stay longer.

Innovative transportation and logistics solutions that deliver for customers and drivers

Dart has become one of the largest and most innovative truckload van carriers in the nation, offering a wide range of custom-tailored transportation and logistics solutions for Owner Operators, drivers, and customers. The Dart Network spans over-the-road, regional and dedicated operations.

Dart: Determined from the start

1934 wasn’t a good year to start a business in America.

The country was suffering from the worst scourges of the Great Depression. And it would be at least five years until relief was found from economic collapse.

Earl and Donald Oren

Dart founder Earl Oren (right), a Dart owner operator and his truck (center) and a young Donald Oren, Dart Chairman of the Board (left), 1934

But a man named Earl Oren risked everything to make a difference. Knowing he couldn’t afford his own truck, Earl invested in a driver, with a single truck and trailer, and Dart moved a load of canned food. His living room in St. Paul, Minnesota, became his office. And when competitors told him he couldn’t build the business he envisioned, he did it anyway.

Dart continued to grow its fleet, and by 1975, this small, regional company was now serving 48 states. Four years later, Earl’s son, Donald, became Dart’s second president. When he accepted his new role, Don had 26 years of service at Dart under his belt. So, when faced with fierce industry deregulations and backlash against Dart’s innovative trailer designs, Donald took the fight to Washington, D. C. and won.

That’s how we do things at Dart. If we can do it bigger, better and safer, Dart will push the boundaries of innovation to do it. In 1984, when the industry standard for trailer size was 48’, Dart was ahead of the game by introducing the highly-efficient 53’ trailer. At the time it was controversial. Today, it’s a trucking industry standard.

And our historic path of integrity and innovation continues today with the Oren family and the entire Dart Network team.


Dart exceeded expectations from shippers and customers on:


  • Deliveries and pick-ups performed on-time
  • Consistent, reliable schedule and transmit times
  • Availability of equipment


  • Competitive rates
  • Affordable pricing based on service level
  • Simple and clear pricing

Information Technology

  • Accuracy of tracking shipments
  • Use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Internet and electronic commerce capabilities

Equipment & Operations

  • Equipment availability and condition
  • Good safety record
  • Minimal loss and damage claims

Customer Service

  • Fast resolution of claims
  • Ability to trace and expedite shipments
  • Helpful and courteous service


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Outstanding Partnership Award

Owner Operator of the Year Award Logo

We celebrate the following drivers for winning the Truckload Carriers Association Owner Operator of the Year:

2012 Brad Chapdelaine
2011 Larry Severson
2003 Carroll Benn
2002 Carol Ann Schlussler
2000 Harvey Zander